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It is so hard to just trust anyone when it comes to money but with UPESI Money Transfer you don’t have to worry, your money is safe and secure. I never thought I will get the full amount as it was sent but this was a shock, I got the exact amount and was sent to my Mobile at the comfort of my house. UPESI is reliable fast and efficient


I never knew that receiving funds through UPESI was that convenient until when I called them and explained that I was unable to collect the funds from their pickup points. They made it easier for me by sending the funds to my account. This was done within minutes. Sending and receiving Money through UPESI is convenient and fast.


I do not have to worry about my funds, Upesi Customer Service team are always ready to assist they always call me to inform me of the availability of the funds first thing in the morning upon receipt of the transaction. I also don’t have to worry about the distance from the pickup point and my destination, they made it easier and convenient by making us choose the mode of payment I prefer


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