We are required by the regulator to take some basic information from you. The registration process is short and simple. ‘Register here’ link.

You can transfer money to mobile wallets, bank accounts or cash pick-ups. ‘Send Money’ link.

we charge 0 amount to send money

You can send up to a maximum of £9000 per day per month

The recipient does not pay any amount to receive money

Send us an email at info@upesi.co.ke, and we shall call you back to assist

Yes. You can edit your account details such as address, phone number, and location. You may not modify other details such as ID/passport number, and Name

Yes. You can cancel a cash pick-up transaction, if the recipient has not received it yet. Bank transactions and mobile wallet transactions that are instant, cannot be cancelled

Mobile wallet transactions and bank transactions are instant. Cash pick-up transactions are ready for collection after 10 minutes

Yes. We secure all customer data using a multilayer security system. The data is encrypted and hosted on a secure server.

No. There’s no limit in sending money. However, above USD 5000, the customer may be requested to provide proof of source and purpose of funds

How It Works

1. Choose the country

Choose the country and enter the amount you want to send (Our fees and exchange rate will be displayed)

2. Enter recipient details

Enter the recipient details and the mode of receiving the funds

3. Select the mode of payment

Select the mode of payment i.e Debit/Credit card, bank account, mobile wallet account

4. Confirm amount

Confirm the amount and send

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