Send Money to Ghana

Ghana is a country located in West Africa. Its official name is the Republic of Ghana. It is located along the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Guinea. It has a total population of 27,410,000.

Ghana is one of the top 10 countries to receive remittances in Africa and undoubtedly one of the most technologically advanced. Over the past decade, remittances have had a significant impact on the economy of Ghana, most remittances coming from Canada, Germany, Netherlands, UK and USA. Gold, cocoa, petroleum and individual remittances are major sources of foreign exchange. With the 2007 confirmed discovery of commercially viable offshore oil reserves in Ghana here has been increased international interest in the Ghanaian market by the oil, gas, and auxiliary services sectors – as well as companies from unrelated sectors anticipating future economic growth in the country. The main channel being through Banks, mobile wallets and cash pick up.

How to send money in Ghana

1. Bank Transfers
  • Transfer funds to all banks in Ghana within 1 working day

2. Cash pickup
  • Collect cash instantly at Fidelity Bank and Zenith Banks Ghana branches.

3. Mobile Wallet Transfers
  • Mobile money is sent instantly to Airtel Tigo Ghana

How It Works

1. Choose the country

Choose the country and enter the amount you want to send (Our fees and exchange rate will be displayed)

2. Enter recipient details

Enter the recipient details and the mode of receiving the funds

3. Select the mode of payment

Select the mode of payment i.e Debit/Credit card, bank account, mobile wallet account

4. Confirm amount

Confirm the amount and send

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