Send Money to Kenya

Kenya is the third highest remittance receiving country in Africa. 70% of remittances into Kenya are through mobile wallets. Remittances by Kenyans in the diaspora, have outgrown other sources of foreign exchange earnings including tea, horticulture and tourism. Send money today to 43.5 million people in Kenya

How to send money in Kenya

1. Bank Transfers
  • Same day bank transfers to all banks in Kenya

  • Transfer to KES or USD account

2. Cash pickup
  • Collect cash instantly from over 170 pickup locations in Kenya at Upesi Money Transfer and Equity Bank.

3. Mobile Wallet Transfers
  • Mobile money is sent instantly to MPESA accounts

How It Works

1. Choose the country

Choose the country and enter the amount you want to send (Our fees and exchange rate will be displayed)

2. Enter recipient details

Enter the recipient details and the mode of receiving the funds

3. Select the mode of payment

Select the mode of payment i.e Debit/Credit card, bank account, mobile wallet account

4. Confirm amount

Confirm the amount and send

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