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Nigeria is a country located in West Africa. The official name of the country is the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The country has a population of 188,462,640 people, making it the 7th most populous country in the world.

In Nigeria, international remittance is a critical source of income for the people and has changed their standard of living to a great extent. Remittance inflow from other countries into Nigeria has resulted in development of the country in many ways. Each year, Nigerian migrants working overseas send billions of dollars back home to support their families. A number of Nigerians migrate to developed countries such as the US, the UK, Spain, Italy and other European and African countries. In terms of transaction volume also, the highest remittances are received from the US and the UK followed by other European countries. International remittance market is a highly competitive market. In Nigeria international remittances are carried out through banks and international MTOs (IMTOs). Banks have the major share in the transfer.

How to send money in Nigeria

1. Bank Transfers
  • Transfer funds to all banks in Nigeria within 1 working day

2. Mobile Wallet Transfers
  • Mobile money is sent instantly to Paycom Mobile Money, Teasy Mobile Money, ReadyCash Mobile Money, FETS Mobile Money, GTMobileMoney, QikQik Mobile Money, Fortis Mobile Money, Stanbic MobileMoney, Flash Me Cash, Teasy Mobile Money Payments, Sterling Mobile Money, Pocket moni

How It Works

1. Choose the country

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2. Enter recipient details

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3. Select the mode of payment

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4. Confirm amount

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